I worked with Ms. Amy McAuley for a period of almost two years during which she provided her counsel through my very contentious divorce. I had been married for the better part of two decades. That marriage produced  two wonderful children who I love and cherish.

As  my marriage progressed, my then husband became prone to periods of erratic and dangerous behavior. I was fearful to leave the marriage, but I was more scared of the damage my husband’s behavior would have on the children. Amy provided me with  supportive and excellent counsel during a very sad and scary time of my life. Her years as a  family practice attorney provided me the clarity and confidence I needed to face difficult decisions that would affect the people I loved.  She fought for the wellbeing of me and my children. I can’t understate the gratitude and respect I have for Amy and her practice.


Amy McAuley is a smart, hard working, caring and reliable attorney. She is honest and fair and she gets results. I would recommend her to anyone.