At McAuley Family Law we know that if you’re looking for a family law attorney, you are probably faced with some very difficult challenges.  We believe that making the right choice when it comes to selecting an attorney to guide you through the legal process is critical.  We encourage everyone to speak with more than one attorney before making the final decision as to who to hire.  At McAuley Family Law we’re confident that you will find the right combination of personal, compassionate, and individualized attention, with powerful and skilled legal representation.  We know that achieving the right solution for your family takes a solid understanding of you and your family, your goals, and your priorities.  It also requires a solid understanding of the law.  That’s why our practice is devoted entirely to Family Law.  Specialization equals expertise when it comes to the law.  We don’t do real estate closings, wills or DUI defense.  We do work tirelessly to reach our clients’ goals with the least possible emotional and financial expense to you, through skillful negotiation and effective legal strategy.